Fiscal Conservatives Poised for Defeat in U.S. Spending Bill

Conservative Republicans are poised to lose another fiscal fight this week as leaders in Congress prepare a $1.2 trillion government spending bill...

In the Seychelles, coral reefs face climate change threat

Beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean island nation of the Seychelles, a fight is growing to save the coral reefs that shelter a range...

World needs ‘greener’ water policies as demand rises: UN

Governments should focus on “greener” policies to improve the supply and quality of water as climate change and a growing global population threaten...

Trump campaign consultant took data about millions of users without their knowledge

Facebook recently suspended Cambridge Analytica for improperly sharing the information and failing to destroy it after concerns arose in 2015.

Metro bill’s hidden cost: $100 million a year less to unclog traffic in Northern Virginia

The region is urging Gov. Ralph Northam to restore some road funds to help relieve the area’s chronic gridlock.