How Blockchain Can Empower Content Creators

ForbesForbes5 days ago
Decentralization and blockchain would be the perfect fit to empower content creators. Every piece of content could be recorded on the blockchain along with impressions, likes and comments.

Customer Service Is The New Marketing

Customer service is the new marketing. This sentiment may sound suspect, coming from a customer service consultant, but if you consider consumer...

Ten Reasons To Quit Your Job Without Giving Notice

ForbesWorkForbes9 hours ago
It's becoming more and more risky to give your employer two weeks' notice when you quit your job. Here are ten reasons to skip the notice...

The Biased Ways We Look At Poverty

"Food deserts", long-trumpeted as a major cause of unhealthy eating for poor households, are dead. Or at least they should be.

WWE's Dual-Branded Pay-Per-Views In 2018 Should Extend Wall Street Hot Streak

As WWE's stock price continues to rise amid cost-cutting and a looming television contract, the decision to move to dual-branded pay-per-views...

Girls Who Code, Boys Who Cook: Cambodia's Future Leaders

The Liger Leadership Academy is educating what it hopes will be Cambodia’s next generation of leaders - without one single class in “leadership.”