Woman facing homelessness while caring for parent wins lottery

"I woke up in the middle of the night and had a feeling I should check my tickets," Shawna Donnelly told Michigan Lottery officials, adding that she's been struggling to make ends meet while caring for her mom.

Central Park art gallery exhibit celebrates African American culture

The exhibit, called "Identity" and curated by the group Harlem Needle Arts, has been on display for several weeks. The works are designed...

Formerly homeless New Yorkers honored in graduation ceremony in Queens

A graduation ceremony was held for 47 people who were once either homeless, in prison or in poverty and have now secured a full-time job.

Police: Robber shot himself trying to pistol-whip victim in New Jersey

The attempted robbery went south after one of the robbers accidentally shot himself while hitting the victim in the head with a gun.

100 and Happy: One Houstonian's secret to a long life

Have you ever wondered what would motivate someone to keep working at the age of 100 years old? Well look no further than Houston's own Ted...

New app aims to stop robocalls and scammers from calling you

"Answerbots" are a part of the app "Robokiller," which answer the phone on your behalf and toy with the human on the other end.