Report: State Investigated Florida School Shooting Suspect After Self-Harm

Florida's child welfare agency investigated Nikolas Cruz in 2016 after he cut himself in a video but found him stable, according to state...

‘Pothole Patrol’ Takes To The Streets This Weekend

The DOT says potholes have developed across the five boroughs as a result of fluctuating temperatures and increased precipitation.

Funeral Held For Slain Chicago Police Commander

Commander Paul Bauer died Tuesday when he was shot six times while pursuing a suspect he was attempting to detain downtown Chicago.

LI Hospital Offers Free Course On How To ‘Stop The Bleed’ In Mass Casualty Scenarios

While the country struggles to comprehend the latest school shooting in Florida, one Long Island hospital is offering a program that’s designed to...

Man Dies After Piece Of SoHo Fire Escape Plummets 7 Stories

A New York man has died after a piece of a fire escape fell off a building in SoHo on Friday, critically injuring him and another person.