Kellyanne Conway: 'People will feel like school safety and public safety are much enhanced' because Trump is president

Kellyanne Conway said President Trump does not plan on just listening during the reignited debate on gun control, he also plans on acting.

Oprah stunned by Trump's claim that she's insecure: 'I just thought, what?'

President Trump bashed Oprah Winfrey's interviewing skills on Twitter late Saturday after her segment on "60 Minutes" aired.

Trump rejects active shooter drills: 'It's very hard on children'

"Active shooter drills is a very negative thing. I don't like it," the president said in response to comments by Education Secretary...

President Trump: We need to get smart about gun-free zones

President Trump meets with state and local officers about school safety, says we need to harden our sites as no one would attack a school if they...

Pentagon: Mattis to advise Trump on transgender troops this week

Defense Secretary James Mattis will provide President Trump with his recommendations on transgender troops sometime this week, the Pentagon confirmed...