7.9 earthquake sends Alaskans fleeing from feared tsunami

A powerful undersea earthquake sent Alaskans fumbling for suitcases and racing to evacuation centers in the middle of the night Tuesday after a cellphone alert warned that a tsunami could smash into the state's southern coast and western Canada.

Casino company to check all hotel rooms

One of the world's largest casino companies will check its guests' hotel rooms, even if they have a "Do Not Disturb" signs.

State investigated Florida school shooting suspect after self-harm

Florida's child welfare agency investigated the suspect in a school shooting that killed 17 people after he cut himself in a video but found him...

Woman falls out Harlem apartment window while violating protective order

Police say a woman is dead after falling five stories from the window of an apartment where she wasn't supposed to be.

FDNY: Careless smoking caused fire above popular Little Italy restaurant

Investigators say careless smoking caused a fire that injured 13 people above a popular restaurant in Little Italy.

Amtrak: NJ Transit could be banned between Trenton and New York City

Amtrak could prevent New Jersey Transit trains from using its tracks between Trenton and New York if the state transit agency doesn't finish...