Pasadena police release body cam video showing how man broke leg

Pasadena police released body camera video of a violent confrontation in which a suspect ended up with a broken leg.

Frank Vogel challenges his bench to win games due to injuries with starters

Orlando Magic head coach Frank Vogel in reference to all of the team's injuries says the Magic have plenty of capable guys in uniform to go out...

Carmelo Anthony: 'What matters is we won'

Carmelo Anthony discusses the Oklahoma City Thunder's triple-overtime win in Philly and moving on to their next opponent in New York.

Erik Spoelstra ties Pat Riley for Heat franchise record in wins

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra reacts to the win over the Charlotte Hornets and ties Pat Riley for the Heat franchise record in wins.

Jordan Mickey: 'I thought I did a pretty good job helping my team'

Miami Heat power forward Jordan Mickey provided key minutes in the Heat's win over the Charlotte Hornets.