NJ State House Renovations Won’t Begin During Legal Battle

NJ State House Renovations Won’t Begin During Legal Battle

Demolition is not scheduled to start until after a June 14 court hearing, Christie's lawyers said.

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‘Supergirl’ Cast Unites to Promote ‘Wonder Woman’ Film

VarietyTV3 hours ago

‘Supergirl’ Kara Zor-El’s boots aren’t just for fighting — they’re also for walking. A new “Wonder Woman” promo paralleling the boots theme aired following Monday night’s season finale of “Supergirl.” The short clip, set to a...

Leader of GOP moderate group in House quits over AHCA split

UPI.comUS1 hour ago

A leader of the GOP's moderate House caucus said Monday he's resigning from the post in the group, due to divisions within the party over its healthcare plan.

Excessive force verdict at Flint jail reduced to $11 million

A judge has reduced a $36.6 million verdict in the case of a man who was pepper-sprayed, hit with a stun gun and restrained face-down.        

Julie Ann Robinson Signs Overall Deal With Universal TV

VarietyTV2 hours ago

Director and executive producer Julie Anne Robinson has signed an overall deal with Universal Television. The two-year agreement agreement covers Robinson and her company CannyLads Productions. Robinson and CannyLads had...

Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The story behind the internet’s weirdest Simpsons fan group

The A.V. Club4 hours ago

There is no show more quotable than The Simpsons. So regurgitated are the gems of early episodes that the quotes themselves have, in many ways, been divorced from the show itself. Just look at “embiggen” and “cromulent,” nonsense...