GE’s Jeff Immelt: “Everybody Hated Me, Everybody”

GE’s Jeff Immelt: “Everybody Hated Me, Everybody”

When Jeff Immelt talks about what makes a great leader, there's one word he uses again and again. Resilience. He learned that leadership lesson the hard way. In his first year as CEO of General Electric he had to deal with...

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Report: Trump vetting legal team to help with Russia probe

White House won't confirm or deny report; Trace Gallagher reports from Los Angeles

Botulism caused by gas station nacho cheese kills 1, sickens 9 more in CA

There is no ongoing threat to the public, officials said. Sacramento, Calif. -- One person died and nine others became ill in California in recent weeks after they contracted botulism from contaminated nacho cheese. Health...

Is Jenelle Evans’ Son Being Abused? Nathan Griffith Makes Shocking Allegation On Twitter

Jenelle Evans is headed to court tomorrow in hopes of regaining custody of her oldest son, Jace, but unfortunately, her custody drama may be far from over. While a judge is expected to make a final ruling in her case for Jace...

Teen makes Islamic terror spoof campaign video, wins student body presidency. School is not happy.

As part of a 17-year-old’s campaign for student body president at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville, California, he put together a joke video…

Notre Dame’s commencement walkout wasn’t about stifling academic freedom

The Denver Post2 hours ago

Notre Dame graduates' protest of Vice President Mike Pence demonstrated the effect President Donald Trump has had on high-level officials in his administration.