The Square review – Ruben Östlund turns art world satire into performance-art cinema

The Square review – Ruben Östlund turns art world satire into performance-art cinema

The Force Majeure director returns with a thrillingly weird study of an art gallery director whose life goes into meltdown after his mobile phone is stolenRuben Östlund’s sprawling and daringly surreal satire The Square turns a...

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TrumPutin and President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon Face Off in the Handshake Yank and Pull

Like most things in TrumPutin’s administration, even the president’s handshake is really weird. Instead of a normal greeting in which in an adult orange-faced man merely shakes a person’s hand, the president does this really...

Five Skyrim and Fallout Mods That Fix Obvious Cat Problems

KotakuCats42 min ago

The greatest tragedy in my life is that I am allergic to cats. I’d normally supplant my desire for cat ownership by getting one in a video game, but, a cursory look at the mods on Nexus shows me that video game cats in popular...

Maine Voted for a Better Way to Vote. The Courts Just Shot It Down.

SlateBriefing3 hours ago

Back in November, residents of Maine voted for a better way to vote—and now they may never enjoy the privilege. In a unanimous decision, the Maine Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the state’s ranked-choice voting system,...

Will Xi Jinping's 'Old Buddy' Terry Branstad Resolve US-China Differences?

SputnikPolitics3 hours ago

The 70-year-old Governor of the State of Iowa, Terry Branstad, has been approved as the new US ambassador to China by a member majority vote in the US Senate from both Republicans and Democrats. Sputnik takes a look at how the...

UM hoops officially brings guard Simmons into fold

Michigan officially announced the addition of graduate transfer Jaaron Simmons on Tuesday.