Armenian president hosts EU ambassadors to Armenia

Tert.am - 20 min ago
President Serzh Sargsyan expressed his gratitude to the EU for its assistance to reforms in Armenia’s different sectors during the past years, including financial aid, as well as for its commitment to

Convicted Armenian driver may be repatriated from Russia

Tert.am - 28 min ago
“There is an effective judicial act, so Hrachyan Harutyunyan can now apply to the justice ministers of Armenia and Russia to get the process under way ...

Putin orders fingerprinting of foreigners arriving in Russia

Tert.am - 50 min ago
The fingerprinting is to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, including the prevention of illegal migration and barring suspected terrorists from entering the country. Russian diplomats ...

Shakespeare Folio found in French library

Tert.am - 51 min ago
"This is huge. First folios don't turn up very often, and when they do, it's usually a really chewed up, uninteresting copy. But this one is magnificent…"

Armenian Parliament vice-speaker meets with YSU students

Tert.am - 1 hour ago
Mr Sharmazanov answered the students’ questions concerning key domestic and foreign policy issues, socio-economic situation and development trends, the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process and…

Armenian FM meets with Swedish parliament speaker

Tert.am - 1 hour ago
Edward Nalbandian and Riksdag Urban Ahlin emphasized the importance of bilateral parliamentary groups. Noting that the format plays an essential role ...

Prosecution must be started over downing of Armenian helicopter – Zhirair Sefilyan

Tert.am - 1 hour ago
“This very fact is enough for the enemy to behave with impudence because they know whatever they do, Armenia’s authorities will not punish them…”

No alternative to peaceful Karabakh conflict settlement – German envoy

Tert.am - 2 hours ago
The Minsk Group has demonstrated – with the help of the so-called Madrid Principles – a route towards reaching a peace accord. It is now up to the conflicting parties ...

Serious work ahead - Emil Tarasyan

Tert.am - 2 hours ago
Working groups have done much work, but Armenia has to do serious work involving adaptation to prevent risks to the economy…

Armenia continues being ambitious for EU - Reiner Morell

Tert.am - 2 hours ago
Germany notes that Armenia continues being ambitious for the European Union (EU). And Germany is ready to assist Armenia. So Armenia’s “both…and” position can be perceived…

Gucci to sponsor iconic Italian tapestry exhibit in 2015

Tert.am - 3 hours ago
The showcase is set to reunite 20 tapestries from the 16th century commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici to artists Jacopo Pontormo and Agnolo Bronzino ...

Tongue-eating parasite found in fish supper

Tert.am - 4 hours ago
The creature enters a fish through its gills, attaches itself to its tongue, then eats it and effectively becomes the fish's new tongue ...

Azerbaijan has become real threat today, Armenian FM says in Stockholm

Tert.am - 4 hours ago
“The more the international community calls upon the conflicting parties to prepare the peoples for peace rather than war, the more the Azerbaijani military leadership voices belligerent rhetoric ...

Armenian human rights activist visits Azerbaijani saboteurs in Nagorno-Karabakh

Tert.am - 4 hours ago
“If a person is in custody, especially in a foreign country, he or she must be visited by NGO representatives. I am surprised that the international NGOs are not at all concerned over the trial…”

Juncker reveals giant EU investment plan

Tert.am - 4 hours ago
At the heart of his five-year agenda is a €21bn European Fund for Strategic Investment aimed at stimulating growth and jobs…

US economy grows faster than reported

Tert.am - 6 hours ago
It expanded at an annualised rate of 3.9% between July and September, up from the 3.5% first estimated by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The rise, which follows a strong second quarter ...

FM Nalbandian has phone conversation with OSCE chief

Tert.am - 6 hours ago
Edward Nalbandian and Didier Burkhalter have discussed the agenda of the OSCE ministerial meeting ...

Investment projects for Karabakh discussed in US

Tert.am - 6 hours ago
Characterizing the cooperation among Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Diaspora as a reflection of a solid triunity, President Bako Sahakyan ruled out the geopolitical developments’ impact ...

Turkish scholar affirms: Turkey has lost battle for the truth

Tert.am - 8 hours ago
Earlier this year, Aktar wrote two compelling columns, challenging Turkish denials of the Armenian Genocide. The first, published ...

Dink assailant ready to break silence

Tert.am - 8 hours ago
“There is a matter which I haven’t so far explained anywhere, including before the court. I met a person three months before the murder … I will explain ...