No management crisis in Armenia - premier

Tert.am - 8 hours ago
“Where is the management crisis? Do you see a problem, which we cannot manage? We manage very efficiently and even try to use our authorities and potential for 100%...”

Armenia-Iran railway project remains on agenda - premier

Tert.am - 9 hours ago
“As soon as we have a specific decision made in cooperation with an organization or international financial structures, we will discuss the issue with Iran’s authorities…”

Armenian MP considers military service for women possible

Tert.am - 9 hours ago
“I noted that women must do adapted military service for 3-6 months. Israel’s experience shows that a girl who served in the army and had children later encourages her children to serve in the army…”

EU remains important partner for Armenia

Tert.am - 10 hours ago
“Our relations involve numerous areas, Armenian and EU institutional structures hold regular meetings, Armenia is actively involved in the work on many platforms…”

Couple die within 28 hours of each other after being married for 73 years

Tert.am - 11 hours ago
Their love story started in the midst of the Second World War, when Joe left with the US Army while Helen was pregnant with their second child, Judy…

No country for human rights: Azerbaijan's increasingly intolerant regime – The New York Times

Tert.am - 12 hours ago
Many leaders of the already limited number of independent nongovernmental organizations here are now in prison, most of them on sham charges of “illegal entrepreneurship,” abuse of power...

Prosperous Armenia party leader meets with ANC leader, to meet with Heritage party chairman

Tert.am - 13 hours ago
He plans a meeting with Heritage party Chairman Raffi Hovannisian on Wednesday, which will be followed by a meeting with the leaders of the three non-coalition political forces…

No country for human rights: Azerbaijan's increasingly intolerant regime – NY Times

Tert.am - 13 hours ago
Two years ago, human rights groups across Europe worried that holding theEurovision Song Contest in our country would only prop up Azerbaijan’s increasingly intolerant regime. Now their fears ...

Armenian president visits Shirak, Lori

Tert.am - 13 hours ago
In the Lori region, President Serzh Sargsyan visited the Spitak poultry farm and was told about the farm’s activities, investments and projects…

Musical Vladimir Putin doll showing him annexing Crimea could sell for millions at auction in Germany

Tert.am - 13 hours ago
The item, which is a meticulous one-off creation by the world-renowned puppet maker Christian Bailly, will go on sale at a special auction in Cologne, Germany next month ...

California Dad creates LED Minnie Mouse Halloween costume for daughter

Tert.am - 14 hours ago
“Zoey was a huge hit when we went to Disneyland,” Dad, Royce Hutain, quipped on YouTube where he posted ...

World football: Liverpool to play Real Madrid

Tert.am - 14 hours ago
But as all football fans will know, teams and squads change immeasurably in five years and just three of the Liverpool players who were ...

Communities prone to cross-border attacks priority targets of tax exemption bill - official

Tert.am - 14 hours ago
Vakhtang Mirumyan made the statement at the National Assembly today when asked by to clarify the list of the communities ...

Ministry clears way of probing ex-police chief accused of negligence in Dink murder

Tert.am - 15 hours ago
Dink was shot to death by Ogün Samast in broad daylight on a busy street outside the offices of his bilingual, Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos in central Istanbul on Jan. 19, 2007…

Will Armenia enjoy EEU founding member’s right?

Tert.am - 15 hours ago
“By signing the treaty on October 10 we only became a party to the treaty, while Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia are founding members and enjoy the rights different from Armenia’s…”

CIS military experts arrive in Armenia

Tert.am - 16 hours ago
The guests will take part in the outgoing sessions of standardization and metrological services. The meetings will bring together defense officials from Belarus, Kazakhstan ...

Armenian MPs undecided about EEU deal as ratification vote nears

Tert.am - 18 hours ago
Though he parliamentary factions have repeatedly stated their opinion on the deal since President Serzh Sargsyan’s landmark statement made in September last year, Tert.am has tried to clarify ...

Armenian ombudsman, EU envoy discuss future cooperation plans

Tert.am - 19 hours ago
Karen Andreasyan and Trajan Hristea focused particularly on the national human rights program, its implementation and monitoring. The ambassador highly praised ...

Gazprom asked to buy gasoline abroad

Tert.am - 19 hours ago
"When, in 2013, Gazprom, postponed the modernization, it gave a letter of guarantee that in case it is needed, it will supply gasoline from abroad ...

Russia communications satellite placed into orbit

Tert.am - 19 hours ago
The Proton-M carrier rocket with the Express-AM6 communications satellite lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, at 19:09 Moscow time on Tuesday, and ten minutes later ...