Barbican puts artists' personal collections on show

Tert.am 7 hours ago
Other collections include more than 1,000 scarves by the American designer Vera Neumann from Pae White; Martin Parr's British postcards; and Soviet space dog memorabilia and album covers…

It is not the number, but the essence that is of importance - Artsvik Minasyan

Tert.am 8 hours ago
We considered the agenda important, but when we saw that technical issues brought into the foreground, the advisability of our participation in the rally became a fundamental issue for us…

Great Britain does not want any conflict in region - Katherine Jane Leach

Tert.am 10 hours ago
Great Britain’s business interests in Azerbaijan have nothing in common with its interest in peace in all the three South Caucasus states...

Russian president failed to keep promises: Armenia’s top-level participation in NATO Summit prevented – David Shahnazaryan

Tert.am 11 hours ago
“I am glad about the tendencies to development of relations, and Armenia’s step has shown its ability to take measures that, to put it mildly, would not be welcomed by Moscow…”

Armenia continues complementary policy – MP

Tert.am 12 hours ago
“Armenia’s participation in the NATO Summit was important in institutional, military and political respects…”

Nagorno-Karabakh president takes part in opening of newly built community center

Tert.am 13 hours ago
President Sahakyan noted that such objects of public significance would have a positive impact on the settlement’s development and activating life there...

Armenia-Diaspora conference attempt to throw dust in Diaspora’s eyes – Rubik Simonyan

Tert.am 14 hours ago
“The conference agenda is not agreed with the Armenian Diaspora. Or it is agreed with those who are close to the authorities or to the traditional parties…”

Three non-coalition forces to hold rally

Tert.am 15 hours ago
“Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnakstutyun (ARF-D) will not take part in the rally because of major disagreements over such a serious issue as constitutional reforms…”

Russia Yevtushenkov arrest prompts Sistema share dive

Tert.am 15 hours ago
"Without doubt this looks very like Yukos 2.0, because the charges apply to the head of a company that paid $2.5bn for assets and is now accused of stealing shares and money-laundering…"

Lower birthrates in Armenia in 2008-2013

Tert.am 15 hours ago
“From 1990s to 2001, lower birthrates were recorded in the country, followed by higher birthrates. However, a downtrend was recorded in 2011…”

Easy Rider chopper tipped to fetch $1m at auction

Tert.am 15 hours ago
The 'Captain America' Harley-Davidson - a panhead chopper with a chromed hard-tail frame - is accompanied by three letters of authenticity…

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs seeking individual dialogue with each party to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Tert.am 16 hours ago
“Each of them has its own interests in our region, and the Ukrainian crisis has brought them into politico-military confrontation…”

Three Armenian scientists honored with Victor Hambardzumyan award

Tert.am 16 hours ago
The prize, which totals 500,000 US Dollars, was shared among the awardees. All the three promised to invest the money in the development of science in Armenia, particularly encouraging ...

Armenia’s parliamentary opposition starts session in Yerevan

Tert.am 17 hours ago
The four parties are set to consider and finalize the agenda of their upcoming rally and subsequent visits ...

Aznavour to give concert in Moscow in October

Tert.am 17 hours ago
Speaking to the agency, the musician said that he continues thinking about the release of a CD in Russian. He expressed a desire to listen to the songs in French ...

Karabakh needs recognition by subjects of international law – Armenian expert

Tert.am 18 hours ago
Ara Papyan recommended considering two basic aspects in the process: the legal and the political. “When we approach the Nagorno-Karabakh recognition from the political viewpoint ...

Zhamanak: I had no desire to watch that show – Levon Hayrapetyan friend on businessman’s trial

Tert.am 19 hours ago
“The entire show, the staging and the director were arranged well in advance. I knew every other coma, so there was no point in my staying there ...

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling welcome baby daughter

Tert.am 19 hours ago
The actress was previously rumoured to have been seven months into her pregnancy back in July when news first broke that she was expecting a child ...

Liverpool 2-1 Ludo Razgd

Tert.am 19 hours ago
After a low-key first half, the Reds took the lead in the 82nd minute when Mario Balotelli held off two defenders and poked ...

Russian’s urged ‘no panic’ as Ruble hits low

Tert.am 20 hours ago
The rouble fell about 1% to 38.71 per dollar, the weakest it has been since the currency was restructured in 1998. Last week, the US and Europe introduced ...

Obama declares Ebola global security threat

Tert.am 20 hours ago
"The world is looking to the United States," the US president said, but added the outbreak required ...

Hayots Ashkharh: Expensive power generation continues in Armenia

Tert.am 20 hours ago
The recent surge in the power prices was caused by the distribution networks’ decision to buy dear energy. That caused a deficit of ...

UN chief welcomes ceasefire, urges political dialogue in Ukraine

Tert.am 20 hours ago
Ban said he has been "speaking to President Poroshenko and other leaders, they should continue to have consultations and dialogue, between Ukraine and Russia. There is a lot ...

NASA picks astronaut ship designs

Tert.am 21 hours ago
Since the space shuttles were retired in 2011, the Americans have relied on Russia and its Soyuz vehicles to get to the International ...

Hrant Dink Award given to anti-torture fighter Fincancı

Tert.am 1 day ago
“The fact that the Armenian Genocide is still discussed behind closed doors; the denial of Kurds, their annihilation; the fact that the purging out of the indigenous people of this land is celebrated…

Queen Letizia turns Simpson!

Tert.am 1 day ago
Spanish royal is given a makeover courtesy of cheeky cartoonist who also 'Simpsonised' the Duchess of Cambridge…

George Clooney to receive honorary Golden Globe

Tert.am 1 day ago
Clooney was being recognized "as much for his global humanitarian efforts as he is for his accomplishments in the entertainment industry…"

Substantial debate fails; only need for constitutional amendments discussed – Armen Martirosyan

Tert.am 1 day ago
“We have presented numerous arguments, which have never been heard. And we have presented our arguments once again now concerning the reasons for our distrust of the reforms…”

OECD: Global firms need new tax rules

Tert.am 1 day ago
At present, firms can exploit agreements intended to avoid double taxation of profits by using them to obtain double tax deductions instead…

Armenian FM meets with US co-chair of OSCE Minsk Group

Tert.am 1 day ago
They exchanged views on the issues discussed at the Armenian-Azerbaijani presidential meeting in Newport, Wales, on the initiative of US Secretary of State John Kerry…