Iran, Turkey to use national currencies in bilateral transactions - minister

Tert.am - Business - World - 26 min ago
"With implementation of the agreement, we plan to increase the value of our bilateral trade transactions from the current 16 billion U.S. dollars to 30 billion dollars ...

Ground broken on Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial

Tert.am - World - 34 min ago
The completed monument, which will take the form of a 16-foot-tall tripod surrounded by a 26-foot wide ring of stonework with water drops dripping into a basin to represent ...

Turkey ready to open any EU chapter - minister

Tert.am - Turkey - 47 min ago
“In my contacts with the EU commissioners, I have always voiced this particularity: Put the numbers of the all unopened chapters in a sack and pull; whichever number is ...

Armenian president posthumously honors servicemen

Tert.am - 56 min ago
Under a decree signed Monday, Lieutenant Karen A Galstyan has been honored with the medal “For Courage”. Private Artak V Sargsyan was ...

Nagorno-Karabakh FM blames Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh tension

Tert.am - 1 hour ago
Karen Mirzoyan said that the highly increased tension along the Line of Contact has marked a peak of repeated ceasefire violations and provocations ...

Azerbaijan thinks its hour of triumph has come – Armenian president

Tert.am - 1 hour ago
"In vain; that’s absolutely to no purpose. Twenty-five years ago, in conditions more complicated and difficult than now, we were the eyewitness of their ...

Azerbaijani leaders’ adequacy arouses doubts – Armenian FM

Tert.am - 3 hours ago
“Azerbaijan is seeking to exacerbate the situation in the conflict area. They view their own soldier as computer soldiers and send hundreds of them to death every day…”

Armenian politicians predict frontline tension in 2015

Tert.am - 4 hours ago
"Aliyev issues orders for such subversive attacks along the Line of Contact … And the deaths - whether 100, 200 or 1,000 - do not matter at all ...

Armenian FM sums up year 2014

Tert.am - 4 hours ago
“Last year was marked by closer relations with Russia. International bodies continued commending the ‘no preconditions’ principle in Armenia-Turkey relations…”

French pianist Richard Clayderman to give concerts in Armenia

Tert.am - Culture - 5 hours ago
The musician is set to give two concerts, Armenpress reports, citing Invitro Production, the event organizer. “Richard Clayderman will play at the Al Spendiarian National Opera and Ballet Theatre ...

Miss Colombia is crowned Miss Universe for 2015

Tert.am - 5 hours ago
Paulina Vega, the granddaughter of tenor Gaston Vega, studies business administration at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and has been a model since she was eight years old...

Azerbaijan commits ceasefire violations, Armenian sides retaliates

Tert.am - 5 hours ago
The NKR Defense Army retaliated, by killing three and injuring two Azerbaijani servicemen. The Armenian side has not suffered any losses…

Turkish court blocks access to Facebook pages that ‘insult’ the Prophet Muhammad

Tert.am - Turkey - 5 hours ago
“The region suddenly has a reaction whenever a shameless act happens toward the Prophet Muhammad. I greet each and every brother who defends the Prophet Muhammad here…”

I wish the ground would swallow you up – Turkish analyst slams Erdogan’s message to Armenian leader

Tert.am - Turkey - 5 hours ago
“The president will this year head to Çanakkale with the Azerbaijani despot Ilham Aliyev, the Turkish foreign policy’s biggest ‘attraction stone’. And they will celebrate ...

Armenian delegation to take part in commemoration of Auschwitz liberation

Tert.am - 6 hours ago
The Auschwitz is notorious for mass killings, with 1.1 million of the 1.4 million victims being Jews, in 1940-1945…

Armenian inventor proposes unique solar heating option

Tert.am - 6 hours ago
“The innovative heating device, which releases heavily warm air after air penetration, has to be put on just a sunny side windowsill to ensure up to 22 degrees of heat during winter months. I do not ...

Pope Francis calls for end to Ukraine crisis

Tert.am - World - 7 hours ago
"I am following with deep concern the crisis of confrontations in eastern Ukraine, which continue to cause numerous civilian casualties. Whilst I assure ...

Planes evacuated from Seattle airport over 'security concern'

Tert.am - World - 7 hours ago
Airport spokesman Perry Cooper has said that a JetBlue flight from Long Beach, California, and a regional SkyWest jet from Phoenix were the planes involved. The flights arrived ...

Mozilla to bring virtual reality to browser

Tert.am - 7 hours ago
At a talk last summer, Mozilla’s Josh Carpenter argued that the organization knows VR will be a “really big deal” and because “it presents a really great challenge ...

Dalian Wanda to invest $1bn in Sydney property

Tert.am - Business - 8 hours ago
Last week, Wanda said it was buying a 20% stake in Spanish football club Atletico Madrid for €45m ($52m; £34m) - making it the first Chinese company to invest in a top European football club…