France media: national radio station catches fire

Tert.am 4 hours ago
“I work in the building and we saw the first dark smoke and we were then evacuated. The whole building has now been evacuated…”

Armenia’s premier promises successful export

Tert.am 4 hours ago
“We are working, all the relevant bodies are working. We will help our producers and try to increase output and exports to Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. I think we will succeed…”

Attempt to introduce a two-party system in Armenia – Arshak Sadoyan

Tert.am 5 hours ago
"An attempt is being made to introduce a two-party system in Armenia, with one of them being the ruling party and the other the opposition one. And the main role in this two-party system is being..."

Cats fighting against Internet censorship with Turkish national hymn

Tert.am 7 hours ago
"This keyboard for cats is as much homage to the original Internet cat as it is a political statement against Internet censorship. It’s one we hope people will want to talk about, share with..."

1% price rise recorded in Armenia this Oct

Tert.am 7 hours ago
The price for food, including alcoholic beverages and tobacco, showed a 1.4% rise, with a 1.3% rise in the prices for nonfoods recorded. The prices for services remained unchanged…

List of Armenia’s 1,000 largest taxpayers released

Tert.am 9 hours ago
Among the ten largest taxpayers are also Armenia Telephone Company, Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine, Flash company, Grand Tobacco, CPS Oil Corporation, and Yerevan Brandy Company…

Key holy site re-opens in Jerusalem

Tert.am 10 hours ago
On Thursday, a spokesman for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas described Israel's temporary closure of the holy site as a "declaration of war". The compound - known to Jews as ...

Architecture and Construction University elects rector

Tert.am 10 hours ago
Gagik Galstyan, who was the only candidate proposed for the position, received the 30-member board’s unanimous votes in a secret ballot. Yerevan Mayor Margaryan congratulated the new rector ...

IMF country rep praises collaboration with Armenian Government

Tert.am 11 hours ago
Teresa Daban Sanchez finds that anti-shadow policies require a specific strategy to facilitate future work.

Armenia should adopt full property liability system – minister

Tert.am 11 hours ago
“The authorities and role of a notary are really of significance, as this is a public function which requires that a notary be vested with corresponding responsibilities and obligations ...

Judi Dench and Emma Watson get Bafta's Britannia Awards

Tert.am 11 hours ago
The 79-year-old actress has starred in a string of box office hits in recent years, including Philomena and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which has a sequel due in February…

Lower economic growth rates in Armenia – IMF official

Tert.am 11 hours ago
The IMF forecasts 2.6% economic growth. Two factors account for the slowdown. The first is an external factor, particularly Russia. Besides, the global economic situation is unfavorable…

James Cameron says 'Avatar 2' will be much cheaper than first movie

Tert.am 12 hours ago
The three sequels—set to be released in the December's of 2016, 2017 and 2018—are being shot simultaneously, saving costs thanks to the "economies of scale ...

Pentagon to monitor Iraq war veterans for chemical weapons exposure

Tert.am 13 hours ago
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced the new monitoring measures, to begin in early 2015, after a New York Times report on the matter. Several soldiers shared details about ...

Burkina Faso leader defies calls to step down

Tert.am 13 hours ago
He said he was withdrawing a controversial law which would enable him to seek another term in office when his current term ...

Iran’s Rouhani to visit Azerbaijan in November

Tert.am 13 hours ago
The Islamic Republic leader's will conduct his first trip to the country since being elected to office.

Armenian ombudsman asks education minister to consider special curricula for future sportsmen with disabilities

Tert.am 13 hours ago
In a request addressed to Armen Ashotyan, that individuals with limited physical capacities often face restrictions when applying ...

Karabakh people admit they need new political forces - Armenian politician

Tert.am 14 hours ago
Arkady Ghukasyan, a former presidential candidate who was recently in Nagorno-Karabakh to participate in the newly-established Peace and Development’s party’s founding session, says was ...

The Breakfast at Tiffany townhouse on sale for $8m in NY

Tert.am 15 hours ago
Though the building was used only for the film's exterior shots (interior shots were done in a studio), its iconic stoop, front doors, and architectural accents are ...

Iravunk: Pro-LGBT Armenian NGOs seek collaboration with media

Tert.am 17 hours ago
Having tangible financial resources, those organizations reportedly offer good pay to journalists to involve them in their activities. The “collaboration proposal” is said to have provoked ...

Irates de facto: Baby born without hands and foot paw in Yerevan

Tert.am 18 hours ago
The parents were uninformed of the defect throughout the pregnancy despite the fact that the mother underwent more than five ultrasonic examinations ...

No conflict in post-Soviet area has international legal basis identical to that of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict – opinions

Tert.am 1 day ago
“In the Crimea’s case, the population voted in favor of joining Russia, whereas the Nagorno-Karabakh population voted in favor of independent statehood. This is essential difference…”

Burkina Faso president declares state of emergency

Tert.am 1 day ago
The main opposition leader, Zephirin Diabre, called on the military to side with "the people" and demanded the president's resignation…

Azerbaijan’s position continues hindering progress – Shavarsh Kocharyan

Tert.am 1 day ago
"But what confidence can be talked about if Azerbaijan overtly states Armenians are number one enemy, whereas it is Azerbaijan that provokes acts of sabotage on the border and refuses to withdraw..."

Any mutual concessions out of the question, Nagorno-Karabakh not part of Armenia – Shavarsh Kocharyan

Tert.am 1 day ago
We view Nagorno-Karabakh as a de facto full-fledged state, with which we are building our relations, without de jure recognizing it because of the negotiation process…

Turkish president Erdogan unveils his new palace of a thousand rooms

Tert.am 1 day ago
Opposition politicians have mocked the extravagance of the palace – which has 1,000 rooms and is understood to have cost more than 270 million euros – and say it is evidence of…

Armenian premier hosts Russian co-chair of inter-parliamentary cooperation commission

Tert.am 1 day ago
Armenia’s premier praised Mr Ryzhkov’s role in the development of Armenian-Russian allied relations…

Armenia interested in deepening cooperation with EU – Shavarsh Kocharyan

Tert.am 1 day ago
“Experts can now outline the limits Armenia cannot exceed in the context of its commitments. The most important thing is that our European partners want to know the scope within which they can..."

We have less violations of copyright law in Armenia, says police official

Tert.am 1 day ago
“Reproductions from the original are very often on sale," Vice Colonel Arthur Varderesyan said, further expressing his concerns over the fabrication of concert trademarks ...

US grows at annual rate of 3.5% in third quarter

Tert.am 1 day ago
That is a slowdown from the 4.6% growth rate of the April-June quarter, but economists say that was a rebound from the first quarter, when the economy contracted due to severe weather…