Movie Reviews

‘The Circle’ uses latest tech culture to state old, tired ideas

A huge disappointment from a talented creative team, the smug cyber thriller works hard to sound the alarm that 'The Net' rang 22 years ago.

‘The Windmill’ Is The Best Kept Horror Secret On Netflix [Opinion]

The Windmill may have caught your attention if you are a chronic Netflix Instant browser. The film’s poster presents an ashy gray-black palette with one burst of color dead-center in the flames which engulf the titular object....

‘The Promise’ Is an Epic Mixture of War, History and Romance

Oscar Isaac and Charlotte Le Bon star in this unflinching film set during the Armenian genocide.

Fascinating ‘Obit’ Doc Brings the Business of Death to Life

'Obit' chronicles the last place the classic tradition of honoring the dead is still carried on valiantly, and often with unexpected wit.

‘Henrietta Lacks’ immerses Oprah in a role nothing like Oprah

The Oprah Winfrey we see on the cover of her own magazine always looks so perfect and glossy and unlined, it’s almost as if she’s an avatar of herself. Hey. If I had a magazine called “R” and I were inclined to put myself on...

Movie Review: ‘Born in China’

The creatures we get to know in 'Born in China' include a panda bear and her growing cub, living a solitary life; a young golden snub-nosed monkey.

In ‘Norman,’ Richard Gere Charms as a ‘New York Fixer’

'Norman' is enhanced by a lively, lonely and likeable performance by Richard Gere.

A female film novice keeps calm, carries on in ‘Their Finest’

Late in “Their Finest,” an aging, arrogant actor turns to the woman who has helped write the screenplay for a somewhat unlikely hit. It’s due to the absence of others that they have their opportunities, he says, not ruefully but...

‘The Lost City of Z,’ a Riveting Adventure Led By a Charismatic Charlie Hunnam

A throwback to the old days when adventure movies had riveting performances, 'The Lost City of Z' holds attention and keeps you fascinated.

In moving ‘Frantz,’ postwar Germans yearn for both truth and lies

“Frantz,” a moving film set in post-World War I Europe, looks at truth and lies and the necessity for both in a grieving world that makes no sense. It’s a kind of reworking of the 1932 Ernst Lubitsch film “Broken Lullaby,” but...

‘The Outcasts’ a poor approximation of teens’ actual lives

In the opening scene of the “Mean Girls” knockoff titled “The Outcasts,” our heroine tells us about life at Richard Nixon High School, as we see a plaque in front of the school telling us it’s “The Home of the Minutemen.” There’s...

Nicole Kidman’s ‘Queen of the Desert’ moves at a camel’s pace

“Please just call me Lawrence.” “Will do, Lawrence.” –Nicole Kidman’s Gertrude Bell meeting Robert Pattinson’s T.E. Lawrence in “Queen of the Desert.”   From the score to the setting to the epic wide-screen shots to the title...

‘The Fate of The Furious,’ or Stop Worrying and Love the ‘Fast and Furious’ Films

This movie is the one where you happily give in to the turbo-charged ridiculousness of Vin Diesel and his band of super buff gearheads.

Surreal premise builds to a thrilling finish in ‘Colossal’

Finally, the indie hipster romantic comedy/monster movie mash-up we’ve all been waiting for.