Three Questions and Two Observations on the Stand-off in Yerevan

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Getting into a situation without knowing how to get out is a desperate act. The group calling itself SasnaTsrer must have had some idea as to how this whole scenario would play out.

Yerevan, July 26- Armed Standoff Update

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SasnaDzrer, the armed group that seized a Yerevan police patrol building on July 17 reports that police opened fire on the compound at 2 a.m. this morning, wounding two of its members. The two were taken to hospital.

When People Are Fed Up

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Perhaps since the takeover of Bastille in Paris in July 1789, much of the humanity has chosen non-violent methods for settling political discourse. On the one hand, times were changing and the use of arms looked increasingly...

Explosion Rocks Alaverdi Smelter; Two Hospitalized

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A large explosion rocked the Alaverdi Copper-Molybdenum Metallurgy Factory yesterday evening, sending two workers to the hospital.

TI Statement On The Effectiveness of The International Assistance in Police Sector Reforms

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It is obvious that the efforts made by OSCE as well as other international organizations to reform the police sector in Armenia has failed.

Terrorists, Daredevils or Rebellion Leaders?

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This is supposed to be viewed as an act of bravery or desperation. I view it as an ill-conceived plot of idiocy.

Police Tear Gas Canister Injures Onlooker in Yerevan During Last Night's Clash

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One of Aleksanyan’s friends told Hetq that he was in the area where demonstrators had gathered outside the security cordon surrounding the police building seized on Sunday, when he heard explosions.

Armenian PM Condemns Seizure of Police Building; 'Violence Doesn't Result in Real Change'

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Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, in an announcement made before the start of toady’s government cabinet session, said that the “the armed seizure of a police patrol building on July 17 was unacceptable and deplorable...

Residents of Yerevan's Erebouni District Sickened by Police Tear Gas

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A two-month old baby in the Erebouni district of Yerevan, the site of last night’s clashes between demonstrators and police, had to be taken to a local hospital after suffering respiratory problems due to the tear gas fired by...

Yerevan Police Use Smoke and Concussion Devices to Disperse Crowd

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Police used what appeared to be smoke and concussion devices to disperse crowds gathered near the police building seized on Sunday by an armed group calling itself Sasna Dzrer.

Yerevan Police Detain Founding Parliament Member for Having Phone Conversations with Armed Group

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Lawyer Tigran Hayrapetyan, who recently visited Yeghnukyan, says when his client asked why he was being held, his captors merely said that he had supported the Sasna Dzrer group during the past two days and had been in telephone...

Founding Parliament Charges Republican Party and Thugs with Terrorizing Citizens

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Yerevan police are studying videos taken of individuals who have participated in gatherings in the Armenian capital over the past few days since an armed group seized a police building and are terrorizing them, this according to...

Black Lives Matter Solidarity at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan

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As outrage over images of police killings of black men in the US flooded social media, a group of local and diasporan Armenians gathered at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan to express solidarity with the Black Lives...

Shots Ring Out Near Seized Police Building in Yerevan

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The armed Sasna Dzrer group that seized the building early Sunday morning then contacted members of the opposition Founding Parliament, claiming that they shot their weapons in the air “to protect the demonstrators.”

Scuffles Break Out in Yerevan's Liberty Square; Police Detain Public Debate Participants

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Yerevan police detained Davit Sanasaryan, a Heritage Party member of the Yerevan Municipal Council, and others who had gathered in Liberty Square to hold a public discussion regarding yesterday’s armed seizure of a police...