Deathbed Ramblings of Islamized Armenian Orphan to Granddaughter: ‘We ran from the Kurds and soldiers’

She says that her family has lived as a Turkish family, which in Turkey is an advantage. She adds that while not being nationalistic, her family has, in essence, benefited from this advantage. “But that advantage has derived from...

Italy: Human Trafficker Who Caused Shipwreck Gets 18 Years

A court in Italy has sentenced the human trafficker who helped cause the catastrophic 2013 shipwreck near Lampedusa in which 366 migrants lost their lives.

Armenian PM Hosts Diasporan Investors

According to a government statement, the two guests presented Abrahamyan with an outline of extensive investment projects that will attract international brands to Armenia.

Armenian Prime Minister on 2 Day Working Visit to France

The Armenian prime minister will also visit the recently opened exhibition at the Paris Municipality dedicated to the centenary of the Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Government to Allocate $9.2 Million for Provinces

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan said that the allocation of the funds, given the scarcity of the country’s resources, was an important step to solve issues faced by the provinces.

May 2015 Private Money Transfers Down 29% Over Last Year

Private money transfers to Armenia in May amounted to US$84.3 million, a drop of 29% ($34.4 million) from May of 2014, according to figures released by Armenia’s Central Bank.

Gross Earnings for Armenia's Hotels Down 51% in 2014

Gross earnings for the 268 hotels and other tourist accommodations operating in Armenia was 24.955 billion AMD (US$52.8 million) in 2014, a 51.5% drop when compared to 2013 gross earnings of 51.273 billion.

Armenia Wins 3rd Place at Coin Constellation 2015 Contest in Moscow

The third place was given to the series “The Oldest Trees of the World” presented for the contest by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia and by Mint of Poland. On obverse of each coin the fruits of a certain type of the...

Former Kotayk Governor Signed 90 Million AMD in Contracts with Companies He Owned

When Aram Harutyunyan was the Kotayk Provincial Governor (currently Chairman of Armenia’s State Committee of Water Economy), he funneled millions of AMD in state aid to companies he owned.

Armenian Police to Baghramyan Avenue Protesters: 'Move or We Will Use the All the Forces Legally at Our Disposal'

From June 19-22, 2015 the citizens protesting against the increase of the price of electricity, organized an assembly and twenty-four-hour sit-down strike on ‘Freedom’Square of Yerevan city violating the procedures envisaged by...

Prime Ministers of Russia and Armenia Have Phone Conversation: Discuss Federal Relations

The prime ministers of Russia and Armenia spoke by phone today, but true to form, Armenia’s government press office provided little in the way of details

Sargsyan Awards "Homeland Services Medal" to Vartkes and Mary Najarian

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan today hosted Ara Najarian, the mayor of Glendale, California, his wife Palmira and son Christopher, and his parents Vartkes and Mary Najarian.

Former Armenian PM: Regarding Utility Rates, Public Doing the Work of Government

In his Facebook page, former Armenian Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan today writes that the “No to Plunder” movement opposing an electricity rate hike in Armenia is doing a great deal of work to develop the mindset of rebellion...

Byurakan Observatory Declared Regional Center of Astronomy

Given this decision, Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences, which owns and operates the observatory, today decided to draft a strategic plan for the observatory located on the slopes of Mt. Aragats.

Artist Donates "The Future of Yerevan" Paintings to Maternity Wards

In the words of Manasaryan, all the children displayed in the paintings, whether from Yerevan, Armenia’s provinces, or the diaspora, are the future builders of Yerevan.

Serbia: Time Limit Nears in Stanko Subotic Trial

The trial of a wealthy Serbian businessman with alleged criminal links was postponed on Tuesday for the third time after one of the defendants failed to appear in court, pleading sudden illness.

Azerbaijan: Four Meydan TV Reporters Slapped with Travel Ban, Placed on ‘Blacklist’

Just two days after the European Games closed in Azerbaijan, four journalists say they were barred from leaving the country and told they were placed on a government “blacklist.”

Founding Parliament Says Unidentified Individuals Following Jirayr Sefilyan

The Founding Parliament (FP) political movement in Armenia issued a statement today claiming that unidentified individuals in the cars pictured above were following Jirayr Sefilyan, one of its members, for hours on June 29.

Moldova: Ex-Tax Chief Still at Large after Six-Year Sentence Announced

The former chief of Moldova's highest tax authority, Nicolae Vicol, remains at large after being sentenced in absentia to six years in prison for corruption.

Armenian Parliament Speaker Lauds 'Independence Generation' of Young Activists; But Urges Protesters to Leave Baghramyan Avenue

The parliament speaker also calls for dialog between the public and state institutions, arguing that only through such dialog and mutual influence can Armenia solve the problems it faces and strengthen the foundations of the...

Russia: Supreme Court Upholds Life Sentences of Politkovskaya Murder Convicts

Russia’s Supreme Court has upheld the life sentences of two men convicted of the 2006 murder of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Man Shoots Wife at Yerevan Maternity Ward, Then Kills Himself

Today, at Yerevan’s Republic Hospital’s maternity ward, a man shot his wife and then killed himself with a pistol he had brought with him, this according to Shamshyan.com.

Special Session of Armenian Parliament on Russian Export Credit

Armenian National Assembly President Galoust Sahakyan will convene a special session of the legislature on July 2 at noon to review an agreement between Armenia and Russia that would provide state export credit to Armenia.

$3.175 Million in Precious Metals and Gems in Armenia's Treasury

The total value of precious metals and gems, and items produced from them, in Armenia’s treasury as of January 1, 2015 amounts to 1.502 billion AMD (US$3.175 million) according to Armenia’s Ministry of Finance.

Gyumri Electricity Rate Hike Protesters Seek Other Options, Even Civil Disobedience

Karen Petrosyan, one Gyumri activist, announced that if force was used to disperse the demonstration in Yerevan they would resort to civil disobedience.