Ambassador Heffern Met with Some Members of the Armenian Yezidi Community

Hetq.am 18 hours ago
Today Ambassador Heffern met with some members of the Armenian Yezidi community at the U.S. Embassy. They discussed the current situation for Yezidis in Iraq and the U.S. involvement there.

U.S. Ambassador Calls on Both Sides to Start Serious Negotiations on Karabakh

Hetq.am 20 hours ago
In the video clip below, US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern calls on the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan to renew their efforts to find a peaceful negotiated resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

Revisiting Armenia’s Shengavit Historical and Archaeological Culture Preserve: Will it Survive Current Mismanagement?

Hetq.am 20 hours ago
The Shengavit Preserve is under the jurisdiction of the director of the Erebouni Museum, Mr. Gagik Gyurjyan. Erebouni’s director receives government funding to maintain three archaeological sites: Erebouni, Garmir...

Residents Offer to Pay for Irrigation Water, But Yerevan Municipality Keeps Postponing Issue

Hetq.am 22 hours ago
Residents of one of Yerevan's many administrative districts have even offered to pay for an irrigation water system to water the trees in their yards; however, the municipality keeps postponing addressing the issue.

Lifer in Prison for 22 Years Not Granted Early Release Prescribed by Law

Hetq.am 1 day ago
A man who has spent 22 years behind bars in Armenia says his case for early release was postponed for no reason, despite the fact that the law grants lifers conditional release after serving 20 years of their sentence...

Bagratashen Customs Officials Uncover Cell Phones, Laundry Detergent and Medicine

Hetq.am 1 day ago
Armenia’s Ministry of Finance reports that officials at the Bagratashen customs checkpoint found 4.5 kilos of medicine, 21.5 kilos of bio-materials, and 65 packaged cell phones in the natural gas cylinder of a car...

Political Party Calls for Opening of Artsakh Diplomatic Representation in Tehran

Hetq.am 1 day ago
The National Rebirth political party in Artsakh has publicly voiced its concerns regarding the country’s low level of relations with neighboring Iran.

An Army Of Lawyers To Run Kurchenko’s Empire

Hetq.am 4 days ago
Serhiy Kurchenko, the absconded 28-year-old who is accused of embezzlement and theft of nearly a billion dollars in public money, had a lot of lawyers.

Florida: Mayor Acquitted Of Corruption Charges

Hetq.am 5 days ago
Michael Pizzi, the suspended mayor of Miami Lakes, Florida, has been acquitted of taking bribes from undercover FBI agents in connection with federal grant applications in the Miami suburb.

Yezidi Community Rep: Armenian Government Hasn’t Transferred the $50K in Promised Humanitarian Aid to Iraq

Hetq.am 5 days ago
In an interview with Hetq, Mameh Amiryan, president of the Minjar Yezidi National Coalition of Armenia, said that as far as he knows no Yezidi from Iraq has sought refuge in Armenia and that he hasn’t heard from the...

Armenia's Women Fare Better Than Men at 2014 Chess Olympiad

Hetq.am 5 days ago
The Armenian women's team came in fifth place at the 2014 Chess Olympiad, which is their best result in 26 Olympiads.

Political Party Calls on Artsakh Prez to Assist Iraqi Yezidis

Hetq.am 5 days ago
Citing the fact that the Yezidi community in Armenia has always performed its civil duties in exemplary fashion, the National Rebirth political party has called on Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan to publicly express...

Yezidis March in Yerevan in Solidarity with Their Compatriots in Iraq (photos)

Hetq.am 6 days ago
The marchers stopped in front of the embassies of the United States and France before gathering at the Armenian Government building on Republic Square.

Public Hearings Scheduled on Controversial Syunik Mine: Company Partially Owned by Adviser to Armenian Prime Minister

Hetq.am 6 days ago
Public hearings are scheduled for August 21 regarding plans to operate an open pit gold and silver mine in the country’s southern Syunik Province.

Media Mogul Sentenced In Corruption Case

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Media mogul Dan Voiculescu has been sentenced with a 10-year prison sentence for money laundering and fraudulent privatization of the Food Research Institute (ICA), worth about €7.7 million.

Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 55 Times in One Night, Report Karabakh Authorities

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Between August 12 and 13, the ceasefire regime along the Karabakh-Azerbaijan Line of Contact was violated around 55 times by the opponent, resulting in more than 400 shots by different caliber weapons fired in the...

Award Winning Sculptor: “The time has arrived to free ourselves from viewing cities and the urban landscape from a post-Soviet perspective”

Hetq.am 1 week ago
I would like to see contemporary sculptures featured in all the cities of Armenia, not just Yerevan.

How To Kiss Up To Your Boss, Yanukovych-Style

Hetq.am 1 week ago
The list lay on a table used by the custodian at the lavish Mezhyhirya residence of absconded Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych.

Norway: Kasparov Loses Chess Presidency Bid

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Former chess world champion Garry Kasparov has lost his bid to become president of the World Chess Federation after a contentious election that involved President Vladimir Putin and allegations of bribes and...

Australia: Members Of Parliament Admit To Corruption

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Two members of parliament have resigned after admitting to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) that they accepted prohibited political donations from the same prominent Newcastle developer.

Stop the Violence in Syria and Iraq - Armenians, Assyrians Protest at United Nations

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Over the past several months, the Armenian community of Aleppo, Syria has been subjected to constant bombardment by Muslim extremists supported by Turkey, which has led to the destruction of local schools, churches...

Reconnaissance Scouts on Karabakh Frontline Tight-Lipped About Themselves, Their Actions

Hetq.am 1 week ago
The boys don't talk and that's it; they don't want to describe anything. In response to questions about their actions, they say they were given a job and they did it. I then ask for their opinion about the armies of...

China: Corruption Crackdown Turns To Emigrants In US

Hetq.am 1 week ago
China’s Ministry of Public Security is targeting more than 150 Chinese “economic fugitives” living in the United States as part of its anti-corruption efforts.

US: Adoption Agency Manager Bribes Ethiopian Officials

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Alisa Bivens, a 42-year-old former foreign program director of International Adoption Guides Inc., (IAG) has pleaded guilty to bribing Ethiopian officials and submitting fraudulent documents to the US State Department.

Azerbaijani Ceasefire Violations Decreasing in Frequency, Says Armenia

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Armenia’s Ministry of Defense reports that while Azerbaijan continued to violate the ceasefire agreement by firing across the Armenia-Azerbaijan border last night and early this morning, the frequency of shootings has...

Minister Hands Over Ambulance to Border Village Residents

Hetq.am 1 week ago
During a visit to the border village of Movses, Armenian Minister of Health Armen Mouradyan handed over an ambulance and a supply of medicine to the community.

International Initiative on Karabakh: Stop the Killing, Start Real Peace Negotiations

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Two former United States ambassadors (one to Armenia, the other to Azerbaijan) have signed a public declaration entitled “A Call for Peace in Karabakh”.

Who Said What at Sochi: Aliyev Demands Unconditional Withdrawal of Armenian Occupiers; Sargsyan Speaks of Peaceful Settlement Via Mutual Concessions and Minsk Group Principles

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Aliyev - The U.N. Security Council has adopted four resolutions that demand the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Armenian occupation forces from Azerbaijani territory.

Azerbaijani Forces Fire on Car; Driver Escapes Unscathed

Hetq.am 1 week ago
Yesterday, Azerbaijani forces fired upon a car travelling towards the village of Paravakar in Tavoush Province.

Azerbaijani Incursion Repulsed, Says Artsakh Defense Ministry

Hetq.am 1 week ago
The Artsakh Ministry of Defense reports that its forces repulsed an attempted Azerbaijani incursion across the line of contact in the Hadrout and Martouni region yesterday night.