Statement of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Federal Senate of Brazil

The irrevocable process of international recognition of the fact of the Armenian Genocide is underway. Armenia welcomes the Resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide adopted by the Federal Senate of the Federative Republic of...

Azerbaijan’s Administration Calls OCCRP Story 'Black PR'

A representative of Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev has responded to OCCRP’s latest investigation, calling it a part of a “black public relations” campaign against the oil-rich Caucasus nation.

The TeliaSonera Scandals: A Swedish Trauma

Even though TeliaSonera is partly government-owned, it is the largest publicly owned firm in relatively corruption-free Sweden. Yet in recent years it has been at the center of seemingly endless stories about corruption and...

President Sargsyan Attends Opening Ceremonies for New Businesses in Jermouk

During a visit to Vayots Dzor Province today, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan made an appearance at the opening of EcoFarm, an agricultural processing unit, in the community of Gndevaz.

Return of Camp Armen Remains Unresolved: Next Ten Days Crucial

According to information disseminated this past Monday, property owner Fatih Ulusoy will not hand over the land deed within the next ten days. Ulusoy claims he’s away on personal business.

Armenia's Gross Foreign Reserves Reach US$1.495 Billion

Armenia’s gross foreign reserves stood at US$1.495 billion as of April 2015 according to figures released by the country’s Central Bank.

Downtown Yerevan Average Apt Price; $900 for a Square Meter

According to recent figures released by Armenia’s State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre there were 3,318 buy and sell transactions for apartments and houses in the first quarter of 2015, down 27.6% over the same period last...

TeliaSonera Warned Not to Pay Further Dividends to Azeri Partners

It was the previous management of Swedish telecoms giant TeliaSonera that entered an allegedly corrupt deal in Azerbaijan in which companies close to the president are thought to have walked off with hundreds of millions of...

Liparit Petrosyan Ends Hunger Strike

The Founding Parliament reports that Liparit Petrosyan, who participated in the “Revolution of Values” organized by Shant Haroutyunyan in November 13 and was sentenced to five years, has stopped a hunger strike he began on May 14.

2015 Telethon to Provide Housing to Artsakh Families with 5 Children

At a meeting today in Yerevan of the board of trustees of the Hayastan All Armenia Fund, Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan proposed that a portion of the funds collected during this year’s Telethon in November be allocated to...

Armenian Prez Signs Number of Laws; One Regarding Cemeteries and Crematoriums

They include: “A Law to Modify and Amend the RA Law on the Organization of Funerals, and Operating Cemeteries and Crematoriums”; “A Law to Modify and Amend the RA Land Code; and “A Law to Modify the RA Law on Historic and...

Offshores Close to President Paid Nothing for State Share of Telecom

Taxpayers in Azerbaijan lost more than $600 million in a deal that made no sense for all involved expect for a murky offshore deeply connected to President Ilham Aliyev.

OCCRP Reporter Detained in Moscow, Banned from Russia until 2020

OCCRP journalist Stevan Dojčinović has been detained for 20 hours in a Moscow airport without explanation, deported, and banned from entering Russia until 2020.

The Farmer…All the Way from Los Angeles

Pedro Zorikian, who moved to Armenia from Los Angeles, never thought he’d be working with the earth in the homeland. At first, he wanted to start a small enterprise and he brought some experimental materials with him. After...

Armenia's 1st Deputy Minister of Defense Heads Delegation to Iran

A delegation headed by Armenia’s First Deputy Minister of Defense David Tonoyan traveled to Iran from May 24-25 to clarify the schema of Armenian-Iranian defense sector cooperation and to make a note of events to take place in...

Hetq Files Freedom of Information Suit Against Prosecutor General's Office

Administrative Court that seeks to oblige the Prosecutor General’s Office to provide information in the case of Soghomon Kocharyan, who is serving a life sentence in an Armenian priso

Yerevan Police Detain Founding Parliament Activists Last Night

The Founding Parliament (FP) political opposition organization in Armenia says that Yerevan police last night detained a group of its activists who were affixing posters announcing a rally to be held on May 30 at Liberty Square.

Average Monthly Salary in Armenia is US$376

The average public sector monthly salary was 156,000 AMD (up12.6%), and the average private sector monthly salary was 214,000 AMD (up 10.5%).

Armenia's Former Prime Minister Sues Paylak Hayrapetyan for Slander

Tigran Sargsyan, Armenia’s former prime minister and presently its ambassador to the United States, has filed a one million AMD slander suit against businessman Paylak Hayrapetyan.

The Relatives of Armenia’s Prime Minister Operate Outside the Tax Laws; I Propose that President Sargsyan Shops at Artashat Plaza

Today, Abrahamyan’s relatives enjoy such a privileged status as their illustrious sponsor and refuse to pay taxes on their business operations.

Artsakh Security Council Discusses Harvest Season Issues

Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan presided over a session of the country’s Security Council yesterday in Stepanakert which discussed ways of organizing effective measures to combat fires during the grain harvest.