Macedonia: Ex-Official, 8 Others Allegedly Embezzled Millions

Hetq.am - 4 hours ago
Nine people, among them a former Defense Ministry official, have been arrested for allegedly embezzling US$ 2.76 million in a helicopter maintenance scam.

Spain: People Demanding Crackdown Against ‘Untouchable’ Elites

Hetq.am - 4 hours ago
Alleged corruption among Spain’s elites has authorities taking tougher actions in response to public outrage.

Tour De Armenia – New Travel Book about Armenia Now Available

Hetq.am - 18 hours ago
In the words of Raffi Youredjian, the London based author of Tour De Armenia, the book tellsthe story of his 1,000-kilometer cycling journey through Armenia and Artsakh looking for adventure, searching for identity, and quite...

Hungary: Corruption Suspects Banned From US

Hetq.am - 1 day ago
Six Hungarian officials have been forbidden to travel to the United States following accusations of corruption.

Contemporary American Writers’ Tour of Armenia Ends with Public Reading at AUA

Hetq.am - 1 day ago
Introducing Armenians to the contemporary American literary scene plus a bit of Turkish-Armenian diplomacy

Armenian Environmentalists in Uproar Over Government Plan to Replant Endangered Flora at Amulasr Gold Mine

Hetq.am - 1 day ago
Environmental groups in Armenia are in an uproar over a July 2014 government decision they say will allow a mining company to remove and replant endangered flora species and thus circumvent Armenian domestic law and the...

Catholicos Aram I – Armenia and Diaspora Have Different Approaches, but Same Aim, Regarding Genocide Demands

Hetq.am - 1 day ago
Catholicos Aram I, in his remarks, noted nations live and survive based on certain holy values and that in the case of Armenians there are four such values – the church, the fatherland, culture and resoluteness in demanding...

Prime Minister Puts the Brakes on Bill to Eliminate Military Conscription Postponement for Post-Grads

Hetq.am - 1 day ago
In response to a bill introduced today by MPs Rubik Hakobyan and Tevan Poghosyan to eliminate military conscription postponements for students seeking post-graduate education, Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan said such...

Vayots Dzor Governor Resigns

Hetq.am - 1 day ago
Armenian Prime Minister Hovik, acquiescing to the resignation request of Edgar, today discharged him from the post of Vayots Dzor Provincial Governor.

Romania: Forest Agency, Officials Investigated For Corruption

Hetq.am - 2 days ago
The Romanian Anti-Corruption Office (DNA) raided offices and businesses connected to the Romanian state forest authority, Romsilva, on Oct. 15 over allegations of bribery and corruption.

“The country is a country”: The Strength of Armenian Resolution

Hetq.am - 2 days ago
The question we must ask is what kind of country do we want, and what are we going to do to make that happen?

Kissing Couple Still Adorns Yerevan Wall: Passersby Appear Unfazed

Hetq.am - 3 days ago
Plastered by a street art group calling itself Hakaharvatz (Counter Strike), the image of the kissing couple has yet to be torn down, as is the case with other Counter Strike installations.

UK: Police Intercept Stolen Cars At Ports

Hetq.am - 3 days ago
In ports across the United Kingdom, shipping containers may conceal stolen vehicles destined for other countries. A recent operation by British authorities seized many of these vehicles before they could be smuggled overseas.

Yerevan Marchers Protest Police Manhandling of Former ASALA Member Alek Yenikomshian

Hetq.am - 3 days ago
A statement issued by the Pre-Parliament issued the same day says that Yenikomshian told the police, allegedly from the Criminal Investigation Division, that he was sightless.

PFA Condemns Police Action Against Prominent Activist, Alec Yenigomshian

Hetq.am - 3 days ago
Policy Forum Armenia condemns in strongest possible terms the brutal treatment of Alec Yenigomshian, a blind political activist, by police in downtown Yerevan on October 19, 2014.

Closed Border? Armenia Imports Most of Its Wood from Turkey

Hetq.am - 4 days ago
Readers might be surprised to learn that despite closed borders, for the past four years Armenia has been importing the bulk of its wood and wood by-products from Turkey.

Croatia: Zagreb Mayor, 2 Others Arrested On Corruption Charges

Hetq.am - 4 days ago
Croatia’s anti-corruption police (USKOK) arrested the mayor of the capital city, Zagreb, and several of the city’s top administrative officials on Oct. 19 on suspicion of corruption and abuse of power relating to the city’s...

Eastern Partnership Reps to Visit Armenia

Hetq.am - 4 days ago
A delegation of the representatives for Eastern Partnership will be visiting Armenia on October 21 and 22. During their trip the Ambassadors will give a lecture at the Yerevan State University on the topic of ‘‘Strengthening of...

Armenian Opposition Parties Declare Shant Harutyunyan and Friends "Political Prisoners"

Hetq.am - 4 days ago
Shant Harutyunyan, the event organizer was sentenced to six years imprisonment on October 17 on the charge of “hooliganism committed with a weapon or another item used as a weapon”.

Armenians of Iraqi Kurdistan – Taking Up Arms Against the Ongoing ISIL Threat

Hetq.am - 6 days ago
Commander Murad Vardanian - "We went to confront the treacherous enemy on the riverbank, before they reached our villages.”