Cal Thomas: Puerto Rico's sorry state

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is drowning. The island, so popular with tourists, is $123 billion in debt. That’s more debt than the $18 billion bankruptcy filed by the city of Detroit in 2013.

Regulators Probing Legendary Hedge Fund’s Secret Trading Code

Government is plowing into so-called “quant funds,” which use highly technical trading algorithms to try to beat the market.

It’s not just the US: Chinese factories are turning to automation as wages rise

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Robocalls used to be a hassle on your landlines. Now, many of us have received robocalls on our cell phones.

How Amazon Is Changing the Whole Concept of Monopoly

In 2015, when Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar bookstore, there was a lot of speculation about what the company was really up to. Were the stores designed to sign up new Prime subscribers? Were they hubs for the company’s...

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They live the America Dream — but want to instill some working-class values in their heirs.

Why Cannabis Startups Are So Economically Potent

Although it might be tough to start the conversation about cannabis, it’s one we need to have among entrepreneurial groups and with government officials.

When We Make Money in the Stock Market, Must Someone Else Lose Money?

Everyone can keep seeing their money increase over and long as the business keeps succeeding.