Jazz pianist Gari Kyosayan to present new work on International Jazz Day

“I will perform at the concert with Hammond B3 organ which I brought with me from the US. This work will be performed for the first time. It is called Day of my dream. Quite an interesting work”, he said.

Sip beers and bedazzle your denim at the ICA this Friday

Looking to add more rhinestones to your wardrobe? Get your ‘90s flare on at the ICA this Friday. The contemporary art museum is hosting a night of embellishment, brews, and art at their ICA After 5: Beers + Bedazzling event. The...

Why the United States Government Embraced the Occult

In 1952, the US Army asked Duke University to help them develop a program to determine if dogs were psychic. Specifically, they wondered, could dogs use extrasensory perception (ESP)? To this end, researchers carried out a series...

A Crime Novelist Investigates Cuba’s Polyphonic Past

Leonardo Padura’s full name is Leonardo de la Caridad Padura Fuentes. Like his name, Padura’s new novel Heretics is long, elegant, a little religious in flavor, and invokes a great mononymous painter of the European past. Padura...

The Rise of the Global Novelist

When Cities of Salt, an Arabic novel by Abdelrahman Munif, was published in translation in 1988, John Updike reviewed it for The New Yorker. “It is unfortunate,” Updike remarked, “given the epic potential of his topic, that Mr....

Elton John recovers from potentially deadly infection

Tert.amCulture2 days ago

British musician Elton John is resting at home after going down with a potentially deadly bacterial infection. The 70-year-old became ill on a flight home from a recent South American tour. He spent two days in intensive care in...

‘On April 24 we will present Armenian people’s collective power’ – Sergey Smbatyan on Pan- Armenian Orchestra’s concert

“I wait for the concert of the Pan-Armenian Symphony Orchestra with great responsibility and emotions. On April 24 we will present the Armenian people’s collective power. The Pan-Armenian Orchestra is the symbol of our...

Maestro Sergey Smbatyan to conduct Munich Symphony Orchestra

The event will be the first cooperation of Smbatyan and the Orchestra. The concert program is entitled “Friendship”.

‘Turkey should make amends’ – Hollywood’s James Cromwell’s interview on Armenian Genocide epic ‘The Promise’

The Promise, staring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, tells the story of the Armenian Genocide at the outset of World War I.

Trump was cut from an Al Pacino film after demanding role

Tert.amCulture4 days ago

Donald Trump turns out to have shot a scene for 1992 Al Pacino drama Scent of a Woman that as swiftly cut by the film's director, according to actor Chris O'Donnell. O'Donnell was speaking on Conan O'Brien...

Jennifer Lopez supports Armenian Genocide epic ‘The Promise’

The Promise, staring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, tells the story of the Armenian Genocide at the outset of World War I.

'X-Files' returns for new season

Tert.amCulture5 days ago

Mulder and Scully's search for the truth will continue in a new series of Fox's hit sci-fi show "The X-Files," the network said Thursday, a year after the show was revived, Reuters reports. "The X-Files...

Golden Apricot to present Armenian films in Ankara

For 14 years Golden Apricot has organized scientific conferences on Armenian cinema and representative programs of Armenian modern films in more than 20 countries.

Christian Bale assesses Turkish denialism of Armenian Genocide inacceptable

It is due to pressures by Turkey that many are unaware of the Armenian Genocide, while many just prefer to keep silent - Bale.

The Hidden Lives of Facebook Content Moderators

The Moderators is a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into a training seminar on internet content moderation in India. A mere 20 minutes long, the documentary, directed by Ciaran Cassidy and Adrien Chen, derives from a 2015 investigative...