Government Investigates General Motors on Recalling 312,000 Vehicles

The U.S. government is investigating whether General Motors should add about 312,000 vehicles to a 2015 recall for headlights that can sudde…

Consumer Extra: Trim app helps curb online spending

Now there is free help to cut the fat from your spending for you, and it's FREE.

2 Investigators: Beware High-Pressure Deals For Extended Auto Warranties

Lynne Nellemann's 2010 Mercedes had 112,000 miles on it when the original warranty expired. Then she got a call from Patriot Protection Shield. CBS 2's Pam Zekman reports.

DeRusha Eats: Dining In A Flood Plain — St. Paul’s Red River Kitchen

It was a unique challenge: A beautiful St. Paul building, right on the river, but in danger of flooding. For decades, it remained empty. That is, until a hometown restaurant guy had a clever idea.

TONIGHT at 11: How rats could be causing real problems for your car

They cause serious damage and costly repairs. That's right - some rats have an appetite for certain car parts. And, it could make your ride a potential problem.

CONSUMER ALERT: Fake $50 Lowe’s Coupon Making The Rounds On Facebook

The coupon claims to offer $50 off your next purchase "to celebrate Mother's Day" but Lowe's says it's a phishing scam.

Good Question: How Do Stores Decide What’s On Sale?

If you walk into any Target or Walmart, you might see paper towels on sale one day, toothpaste the next and laundry detergent after that.

Warning: Apple telephone scam aims swindle money, access your computer

The Marin County Sheriff's Office says the callers claim to be from Apple or Microtech. They say the victim's computer has been infected with a virus or is running slowly and that they can repair it.

What's the Deal: iPhone tips and tricks

If you love your iPhone, you should know it's been keeping some secrets from you.

Panera Bread Hiring 10,000 New Workers, Expanding Delivery

The 10,000 jobs will include delivery drivers and food prep workers inside the store.

Keller @ Large: The Sorry Story Of The Juicero

Jon says these days, there’s nothing we can’t find a reason to fight about it.

Mobile Restaurant Fires Server Over Racist Remarks Made on Facebook

It happened Saturday night at Montego's Caribbean Cafe and Bar on Airport Boulevard in Mobile.

Product Recall: Frozen Hash Browns May Contain Golf Ball Bits

Consumer notice includes Roundy's brand sold at Pick 'n Save stores in Illinois

American Airlines Apologizes After Video Shows Mom in Tears

(CNN)American Airlines is investigating after a video surfaced on social media showing a confrontation between a passenger and a flight atte…

Seen At 11: Property Profit – Make Your Home Start Working For You

Story rents her East Village town home for events like parties, meetings, and film shoots. No one sleeps in her bed, and the place is all hers again by 11 p.m. at the latest.