Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Shrinking Tumors, Possibility Of Getting A Cure Is Near

Urologic oncologists have been looking for a cure for the seemingly incurable disease prostate cancer and it seems that they have made a breakthrough. A pilot study of multimodal therapy for noncastrate metastatic prostate cancer...

Foti High Five: Local restaurant helps families cope with cancer

A local restaurant is serving out more than just food -- it's giving thousands of families hope, faith and financial support while their loved ones are battling cancer.

Ciattarelli Opens Up About Running for Governor While Battling Cancer

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SLU Doctor: Brock’s Diagnosis is a ‘Treatable Form of Cancer’

SLUCare's Dr. Mark Fesler says patients diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma typically require two to four months of chemotherapy.

Cosmopolitan Under Fire for Calling Cancer a Hot New Weight Loss Trend

The fashion industry staple turned the story of a woman's cancer battle into a trend piece on "how to lose weight without exercising."

'I love you Mommy': Heartbroken mother shares 4-year-old son's final moments of cancer battle

A heartbroken mother has shared an emotional Facebook post addressed to her son Nolan, two months after he died of cancer.