Egan: Widow discovers ailing husband blew $156K day-trading

Egan: Widow discovers ailing husband blew $156K day-trading

His ashes were on a table, his widow in a chair, in a living room with fading flowers and carefully-perched dolls — sitting up, just so, staring. He was a retired police officer — a senior one — and, after 59 years of marriage,...

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Homeless man shares how he aided victims of the Manchester terror attack

A man who described himself as homeless is being hailed as a hero online after coming to the aid of victims of a terrorist attack…

Blockchain consortium R3 raises $107 million

TechCrunch5 hours ago

 People may well remember 2017 as the year that blockchain broke. After years of development and flickering just outside of mainstream consciousness and acceptance, record high prices for the most popular blockchain-based...

Trump budget calls for deep cuts to social safety net

France244 hours ago

The White House on Tuesday delivered to Congress a proposed budget for 2018 that would make deep cuts in programs for the poor as well as diplomacy and foreign aid, while boosting defense spending and border security.The plan...

Military Milestone: All You Need to Know About the New North Korean Missile

SputnikAsia5 hours ago

South Korean experts managed to establish the type of missile that the DPRK military launched on May 21. According to sources in the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Korea, it was a Pukykson-2 type missile. In the West, it is...

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