LA airport fails to spot gun in hand luggage

LA airport fails to spot gun in hand luggage

An off-duty policewoman flew from Los Angeles international airport (LAX) to Taiwan with a gun in her hand luggage.

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Guregian: Patriots don’t even need the NFL draft this year

Boston Herald5 hours ago

One way to describe the Patriots’ position heading into the first round of the 2017 NFL draft is to use a blackjack analogy. Because right now, Bill Belichick is sitting on 20.The way Belichick has played his cards, the Patriots...

ECB Economic Optimism Unnerves Euro Zone Bond Investors

The European Central Bank is expected to reiterate Japan's acknowledgment of better growth prospects in a move that could pave the way towards tighter monetary policy.

Mysterious drop in prized bait worms threatens a way of life

WOOLWICH, Maine (AP) — Dan Harrington makes his living unearthing marine worms by hacking away at mudflats with a tool that resembles the business end of an old steel rake. He’s fine with the freezing weather, the pungent aromas...

David Fincher close to deal to helm “World War Z 2”

Fincher hasn’t directed a film since “Gone Girl.” The filmmaker has been turning his attention to television as of late.

Armenia, EU launch talks on common aviation area agreement

Head of the EU delegation to Armenia ambassador Piotr Świtalski will also participate in the negotiations.