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Finally a perk economy passengers want: ‘Neighbor-free’ seating

One of the most annoying things a fellow airline passenger can do is sit down next to us. Now Etihad Airways is selling a solution.…

How to Keep Your Rolling Suitcase From Tipping Over When It Goes All Wobbly

Catching a connecting flight means running for your life (or at least your gate) in most cases, dodging and weaving through slow-moving families and golf carts stuffed with luggage. But if you find your own suitcase flailing and...

How to Avoid Getting Stuck With United's "Basic Economy" Tickets

If you use third-party travel sites like Expedia or Priceline to scout for low airfare, you might not want to jump at the lowest price you see. United’s zero-frills “Basic Economy” tickets are sometimes harder to spot than normal...

Apple rolls out iOS 11 mall and airport maps

Apple has started rolling out its iOS 11 indoor maps of shopping malls and airports, and they look super useful. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

‘Toxic’ cabin air on your flight linked to cancer, neurological problems: WHO report

More than 3.5 billion passengers and 500,000 pilots and crew members were exposed to low levels of chemicals on planes in 2015, researchers say.

7 On Your Side: Travel identity theft could stem from public Wi-Fi

A recent survey by Experian found that 23 percent of American consumers have known a victim of travel identity theft. One big culprit is free Wi-Fi networks we've all thought about connecting to.

7 On Your Side: Freebie flight turns expensive for New Jersey mom

It was a freebie that was not to be. After a mother of six thinks she's been awarded a free flight, she says, she had all kinds of trouble redeeming it.

The TSA is Testing a Scanner That Might Speed Up Security

The TSA is finally updating its decades-old security systems. On Thursday, it began testing a computed tomography (CT) scanner on carry-on luggage in Phoenix.

New O’Hare shuttle to ease summer travel crunch for some travelers

The buses will allow American Airlines passengers needing to get from Terminal 3 to the International Terminal to bypass a second found of screening.

Hoax call creates anxious moments and delays at Calgary airport

Reports of an active shooter at Calgary’s airport are unfounded, say police. Social media lit up at around 5:30 p.m. Friday afternoon after announcements were made throughout the Calgary International Airport ordering people to...

Which Airlines Accept TSA PreCheck (and Which Don't) 

If you travel by airplane often, you know the hassle of waiting in lines. That’s why TSA PreCheck is a lifesaver. We’ve already reported on whether paying extra for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck is worth it, but it’s also...

Varcoe: Air travel complaints take off in not-so-friendly skies

Lost luggage. Lack of legroom. Long security lineups. There are myriad reasons why Canadians can grow frustrated taking a flight. A new poll by the Angus Reid Institute underscores some of the anxiety passengers encounter when...

Expect delays at Detroit Metropolitan Airport as construction season begins

Months of extensive road construction will mean delays for people trying to get to Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

One carry-on bag and one personal item

Whoever said, "It's the journey, not the destination," probably wasn't traveling with a lap child

AMA says it will be part of consultations for new airline passenger bill of rights

The Alberta Motor Association will be a part of the consultations in 2018 on the new airline passenger bill of rights.