European counter-terror plan involves blanket collection of passengers’ data - International - 47 min ago
Civil liberty campaigners say the revised European passenger name record plan – in the aftermath of the Paris attacks – breaches a recent European court of justice ruling that blanket collection of personal data...

5 of the best diets — and why science doesn't completely agree - Health - 1 hour ago
Eating healthy is an ever-evolving concept. The Paleo diet alone or diets, based on some research is a stark reminder that our primal ancestors ate very different than ...

Scientists ask if Ebola immunizes as well as kills - Health - 1 hour ago
A recent sharp drop in new Ebola infections in West Africa is prompting scientists to wonder whether the virus may be silently immunizing some people at the same time as ...

Arstakh to live in peace soon - Tsvetana Paskaleva - 1 hour ago
“We will live on to see this day. I know it will happen this century, we must just believe and work on it. Dear parents, we bow down before you. We are sorry we could not save your children…”

'World can cut carbon emissions and live well' - 1 hour ago
“Yet the calculator is also very clear that we must act now to change how we use and generate energy and how we use our land if we are going to achieve this green growth…”

Syria opposition expresses 10 demands to Damascus - World - 1 hour ago
The Syrian government has not responded yet to the 10 demands of the Syrian opposition, a negotiator from the opposition al-Watan (Homeland) political party said, Sputnik News reported. This morning we ...

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig to topline “Ghostbusters” - Entertainment - 2 hours ago
McCarthy and Wiig starred together in Bridesmaids; Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are both cast members on Saturday Night Live.

Taiwanese fishermen unearth unique ancient bones of ‘new human species’ - Society - 2 hours ago
A fossilized lower jaw found by the Taiwanese fishermen working in the Penghu Channel indicates that a previously unknown human species lived in Asia as far back as 200,000, researchers ...

Army’s duty to rebuff enemy’s attacks – NKR defense minister - 2 hours ago
“Yes, our soldiers are ready for battle. When any shocks or incidents occur in our country, the enemy thinks they can succeed. But our people can overcome the difficulties…”

President: Attempts to terrorize those who went through hell are not serious - Politics - 2 hours ago
"What do we say? We say that Artsakh’s right to live in freedom is out of discussion. That is all,” the Armenian president siad.

Abkhazia's Minister of Internal Affairs denies iformation about Russian border guards' attack on Armenians in Ach'adara - Society - 2 hours ago
Abkhazia’s Minister of Internal Affairs Raul Lolua denies the information disseminated by Georgia’s “Nasha Abkhazia” agency, according to which Russian border guards attacked the local Armenians in the Ach'adara...

Azerbaijan will lose war of acts of sabotage as well – Serzh Sargsyan - 2 hours ago
Since the day of its formation, when it even lacked an official name, our army has become tempered in war fires. It was born out of our people’s will to live and be liberated and as a guarantor of…

The 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Concentration Camp was Marked - Society - World - 2 hours ago
On 27th of January 1945 the most terrific of German concentration camps, Auschwitz was liberated. It is often called the Death Camp as people going inside never came out. Yesterday, on 27th of January 2015 the 70th...

Medicine is at a high level in Armenia's Armed Forces - Society - 2 hours ago
Director of the Central Clinical Military Hospital Aram Asaturyan notes that Armenia has made quite a lot of progress in medicine over the past 23 years.

Jordan proposes prisoner swap, fate of Japanese ISIS hostage unclear - Society - 3 hours ago
Jordan said Wednesday it was willing to hand over an Iraqi woman jailed for her role in a 2005 suicide bomb attack if a Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS was ...

Movses Hakobyan says Azerbaijan’s provocations are not a problem for the Armenian army - Politics - 3 hours ago
The Minister of Defense of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic mentioned that the army was created to be able to resist attacks and give adequate responses.

ECHR Grand Chamber completes hearing of Perinçek vs. Switzerland case - 3 hours ago
Switzerland is the first country to criminalize denial of the Armenian Genocide by setting imprisonment and a fine for those who deny the crime against humanity...

Will the lord of underground be released in two days? - Law - 3 hours ago
The Ministry of Justice is investigating the substantiations of the court decision issued by the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts about dismissal of the petition to...

Hovik Abrahamyan: Armenian army is most efficient in region - Society - 3 hours ago
Commenting on the tension at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, the prime minister said that ‘it is yet another provocation of our enemy”.

Tsvetana Paskaleva: "We took a path on which we lost and suffered, but came out victorious" - Society - 3 hours ago
On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the formation of the Armenian army, President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan granted the Medal of Gratitude to Bulgarian journalist, film director Tsvetlana...