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Charges: Man Burglarized Apartments After Complaining Of Noise

A Minneapolis man was arrested for allegedly burglarizing four apartments earlier this week. Evan August Weitz, 31, has been charged with four counts of first-degree burglary.

Shannon Noll: Why Reality TV Shows Are Dangerous For Young Singers

Shannon Noll is perhaps best known as a finalist on the first season of Australian Idol, a popular reality television show in which talented singers compete to achieve a breakthrough in their music career. The singer created...

Voting from the Grave: Investigation of fraud at the polls in Philadelphia

Voting from the grave: An investigation by ABC affiliate WPVI-TV in Philadelphia looks into potential for fraud at the polls.

Unique Views Podcast, Episode 16: A Beige Brotherhood ft. Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid

Danielle Young aka Patti LaDanielle works effortlessly behind the scenes. Sure she is a powerhouse smooth voice, but she is also a beast in the editing room and proof that prison release programs work! She is the walking...

First ladies club: how Michelle Obama became Hillary Clinton's unlikely ally

The first lady is traveling the US on a deeply personal mission to help elect ‘my girl’ Hillary Clinton, which would have been unimaginable eight years agoIn 2010, Michelle Obama attended a state department event recognizing...

Breaking: FBI Reopens Investigation into Clinton Emails

FBI looking into "new developments" after previously recommending no charges against Democrat candidate. The post Breaking: FBI Reopens Investigation into Clinton Emails appeared first on Infowars.

FBI: New Clinton emails prompt further investigation

FBI notifies Congress it will investigate new emails found in probe of Clinton's private server

Vikings’ QB Sam Bradford: Kyle Schwarber comeback ‘unbelievable’

Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford probably should be jealous, but he had nothing but admiration for Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber, who suffered a torn left anterior cruciate ligament in April and returned this week to get three...

WATCH: Trump calls one of his own black supporters a ‘thug’ and tosses him out of rally

Can Donald Trump’s historically bad poll numbers among black voters get even worse? We may be about to find out. The Charlotte News & Observer reports that Donald Trump called one of his own supporters a “thug” during a rally...

Prosecutor: Putin’s Former Press Secretary Died in D.C. Hotel Because He Was Drunk

Conspiracy theories surrounded the death of Mikhail Lesin. DC prosecutors determined he died after days of drinking.

Fantasy Football: Top Sleeper Wide Receivers To Play In Week 8

Forbes20 min ago

Have injured players to replace? Starters on a bye this week? Here are some sleeper wide receivers that have the potential to thrive for you and your fantasy football team in Week 8 of the 2016 NFL Season.

The fight to punish US police killings: ‘We missed an opportunity to stop him'

In 2011, Virginia police officer Stephen Rankin shot an unarmed man dead. Last year he did it again. The fight to get him convicted is the subject of a new film. Jon Swaine spoke to those involvedKen King is a veteran of the US...

Director: FBI Has Learned Of ‘Emails That Appear To Be Pertinent To’ Clinton Server Investigation

The FBI "has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation" of Hillary Clinton's personal email server.

Sweet Home Alabama: Deep South State Lures Filmmakers With Hefty Incentives

VarietyAlabama26 min ago

With southern hospitality, Alabama has catered to everything from small, independent short films to massive Hollywood productions. It’s easy to see why Alabama is a popular destination for filmmakers. It easily doubles for...